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Brevik Technology AS is a leading Norwegian technology company specializing in developing solutions for floating
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Some of our designs has proven to be the most cost-efficient solution available for floating LNG-units including carriers, bunker-vessels, floating storage units, floating storage and regasification units.

Brevik Technology posesses expertice and experience from decades of design and development as well as project execution.

the technology

The Brevik Technology solution for floating LNG has all the technical benefits required for operational and building flexibility.
The solution has a world wide patent protection and a complete class approval from
renowned classification societies.

patented solution
class approved solution
priced solution

our products

we design, engineer nad develop floting lng projects including lng-carriers, bunker vessels, fsru's and power production units.
our experienced and dedicated architects & engineers have developed some of the most efficient, techical advanced nad low-cost designs presently available.

lng carrier

alone, and in close cooperation with some of the leading naval architect companies in the world, a wide range cost efficient lng-carriers has been developed for regional and world wide operation

lng bunker vessel

complete lng bunker vessels designed for all applicable notations and sizes from 2.500 to 12.000 cubic meter capacity.
ship 2 ship transfer, vapour handling, full flexibility with partial filling and the lowest CAPEX design on the market


Brevik Technology has leading FSRU and FSU designs, both with regards to operational flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness both in investment and operation.
designs include conversions and newbuilds.

floating power

floating power-units include shallow draft floating power barges with internal fuel storage and power generation units.
Designs include clean power production for remote areas where you have cost effective power back-up solutions


New Generation Multigas Carrier

read our publication about the new generation LNG and Multigas-carrier


Conversion from Bulker to Bunker

read our publication on the possibilities for converting existing bulk-carriers to LNG vessels


LNG Vessels and Units

read our publication on some selected designs of LNG vessels and units.


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