LNG Containment System (LNGCS)

Brevik Technology LNG Containment Solution (LNGCS) is a scalable and flexible solution which may be used for any type of refrigerated liquid cargo. The foundation of the solution is the patented support design for stabilizing and securing the interface between the cargo containment and the hull structure of the vessel. This permits the utilization of the well-proven cylindrical IMO B-tanks to be integrated in the LNGCS.

The solution is designed with focus on fulfilling the requirement for FLNG and other applications that by nature will operate with variable free surface elevation. The approval process with DNVGL has documented that “sloshing” in the tank, even with partly filling, will not cause any cracking of the primary barrier in the tank. The location of Cylindrical Tanks in the vessel cargo hull resulting in a flat main deck ideal for interfacing stools for the process modules.

The development of the solution started back in 2010 and has now matured to a stage where it is ready to be commercialized, based on the third party verifications form DNVGL and ABS.

The solution is patented in Norway, Europe (EPO), USA, Brazil, Singapore, China, Korea and Japan.

The combination of significant cost advantages compared with the marked leaders and technical performance on par with the best in the market is unrivalled in the market place and can be seen as bringing the industry a large step forward. This has prompted leading maritime analysts such as ABS and others calling it paradigm shift with a potential to becoming the preferred solution worldwide within only a few years.

Read about how the LNG Containment System can be implemented in various vessel designs, in Applications.



  • Cylindrical IMO B-Tank
  • Patented Support System
  • Proven Insulation System
  • Proven Cargo Handling System
  • Efficient Utilization of Vessel Cargo Hull capacity


Technical specifications

  • IMO class: B-tank
  • Material: AISI 304
  • Design for partial filling: Yes
  • Cargo specific gravity: 0.5 T/m3
  • Cargo temperature: -164 %C (LNG)
  • Tank overpressure: 0.7 Bar
  • Boil off rate: Min. 0.06-0.08 %
  • Cargo handling system: Deepwell pumps
  • Insulation: Panels
  • Secondary barrier: Panels/insulation construction