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cost & volume efficient

being constructed as an standards cylindrical tank,
the Brevik LNG cargo containment solution is the simplest,
class approved solution for storage of, or transporting LNG.
The tank Construction is a typical IMO B-tank,
one of the most used solutions for LNG transportation in the world.

Insulation systems and cargo handling systems accompanying
the containment solution are off the shelf solutions proven over
the past decades for its operation superiority.


no forces transferred

there are no forces, with the independent tank, transferred from the vessel to the tank or from the tank to the vessel due to temperature.



the cargo containment system allows for building the tank and the hull in parallel and alignment is simple for outfitting stage of construction.


no sloshing issues

no sloshing issues in the cargo at any filling rate because of the cylindrical shape of the tank.
detailed analysis for partial filling is class approved.


low weight

compared with any other cargo containment system, the Brevik tank is  lower in weight allowing for greater design and operational flexibility.



the cargo containment system is class approved for carrying LNG, LPG, LEG and in general to operate as a multi-gas carrier, also allowing for partial filling.



complete pricing analysis has been performed for several sizes of the system and Brevik system is consistently considerable lower on price compared to any other system.

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