About us

Brevik Technology is a Norwegian technology company developing and delivering innovative solutions for the maritime and offshore industries. The company specializes in technologies that help to increase performance and reduce the costs of building liquid carriers as well as FLNG other marine applications.

The founders of Brevik Technology, Norwegian senior maritime engineers, have more than 100 years of experience combined, in designing ships and leading major maritime projects. During their work, they discovered a number of short-comings in existing designs of liquid cargo carriers and identified several unnecessary cost-driving complexities that they could replace with simpler and better alternatives. The result was the filing of a patent for LNG Containment Solution (LNGCS) and the founding of the company Brevik Partners, the predecessor of Brevik Technology, in 2010.

Brevik Technology is situated in Brevik, Norway, a global leader in the maritime and offshore industries with long tradition for ship building - going back more than a thousand years.


Core business

The core business of the company is the patented LNG Containment Solution (LNGCS).

The combination of significant cost advantages compared with the marked leaders, and technical performance on par with the best in the market is unrivalled in the market place and can be seen as bringing the industry a large step forward.

This has prompted leading maritime analysts such as ABS and others calling it paradigm shift with a potential of becoming the preferred solution worldwide within only a few years.